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Monday – Friday

6:00 – Wake up

6:08 – Actually wake up

6:30 – Pour first cup of coffee and sit down for some quiet time…maybe

7:00 – Finish breakfast, remembering an eighth of what I read

7:05 – Wake up the kids who, despite doing this every morning, try to convince me they “just can’t get up”

7:30 – Hurry off to work

6:30 – Get home from work and kids’ activities. Eat dinner.

7:30 – Put kids to bed

7:40 – Put kids to bed again

7:50 – PUT kids to bed AGAIN

8:00 – Discuss inventions that would prevent the kids from getting out of bed

11:30 – Go to bed.

11:31 – Regret staying up this late

11:32 or 12:15 or 1:00 – Fall asleep


Sleep in less than I had hoped

Run errands

Run the kids to ______

Get things done around the house.


Sit in church.

Be inspired to live boldly for Christ

Go home


How often have you looked at your life and longed for more—a deeper relationship with God, a richer, bolder faith, a larger eternal impact? How often have you been discouraged by the loop in which you find yourself? A loop that has life on repeat, drowning out the “life to the fullest” that Jesus came to give. Whether you can relate to the previous example, or you have your own “repeat”, as a pastor, I’ve seen this discouraging pattern all too often. This may surprise you, but I don’t just see it in others; I see it in myself. As I read the Bible, I’m inspired by disciples who shared their faith boldly, spreading the message of Christ in the face of punishment and death, confidently living out their faith. I know that Jesus commanded His followers to love deeply and share His Good News. When I read about the early church and the devotion of Christians throughout history, I yearn to live with just an ounce of their courage and faith.

To the core of my being, I know I was created to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. Despite being convinced of this truth, sadly, there is often a disconnect between the longing in my soul and what my life actually looks like. I fall into the repeat pattern that has my faith moving at an embarrassingly slow crawl, my life poorly reflecting an all-powerful, all-loving God.

Is this true for you? Do you find yourself in this loop? The cycles of life quieting the brave, transformative, community-impacting Christianity that you long for? Do you desire to fully live out your faith? Do you wish you had the tools to stop the loop and get after it? Do you want more?

My guess is your answers to all those are, “Yes!” Although the disconnect between your longing and your life may be frustrating, let me encourage you with this. Don’t let the frustration diminish your pursuit of more; let it stoke a passion to fight against the loop, to fight for the ‘more’ you desire. God’s plan for your life is not ho-hum, get enough gold stars of church attendance to make it to heaven. God wants a deeper relationship with you. He wants you to grow in your confidence in His love. God wants your life to show the world His sacrificial love, full of grace and truth. He wants your relationships to be healthy and vibrant. God wants your brokenness restored. He wants you to experience the joy of following Him. God knows that when you deepen your love and trust in Him, obediently submitting to His will, the ‘more’ that you’re hoping for will turn into the ‘more’ that you experience....

Continued in "FAITH FULL" Purchase here:

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