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  • Drew Froese

Faith FULL pre-order

First off, let me thank you for subscribing to my blog and being part of my life in this way. I wanted to let you know the book I've been working on for the last three and a half years has finally been published and will be released September 1st!!!!!

I'm asking you to please visit the Amazon site where pre-orders are live, purchase it if you'd like, purchase some for your friends, =) and share the news with those you think would benefit from it. If you find it helpful in guiding you in ways to grow your faith, share it with your pastor, inviting him to think how it could be used to help disciple others in the church.

After you've received and read the book, please return to Amazon and rate it and leave a review. All this will be helpful in making this resource the most widely available.

I truly believe this can be a significant tool in helping you to develop your relationship with God, and help equip you to disciple others to FULLY live out their faith.

Thank you so much!

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