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  • Drew Froese

Money- Tools to Keep God's View in View

The last two blogs have explored God’s view of money, our view of money and have shown that the way we use the finances that God has entrusted us with has significant relational and spiritual implications. Even if we completely understand that submitting our income to God will produce a better relationship (with him and others), bigger faith, and bigger impact, we can easily fall prey to a misalignment of our comprehension and our actions. The worries of this world, the next best thing, and comparison all beg us to bow to them in a way that draws us away from God’s view of money. So how do we keep God’s view in view?

Here are 5 principles of generosity that will help remind you of God’s view:

(Please take time to read the verses and allow the power of God’s Word to sink these truths into your heart and mind.)

1) What God has given you comes with expectations (Matthew 25:14-30)

2) Giving generously to the poor is a moral duty for Christians (Luke 12:32-34)

3) Worldly wealth is fleeting; heavenly treasure is eternal (Luke 12:33-34)

4) Giving should be voluntary, generous, and cheerful… no matter your financial situation (2 Corinthians 8-15)

5) Giving generously breaks the power of money over us (1 Timothy 6:9-19)

Reminders are good to help steer you back to the truth but without the tools to put the truths to use you may find it hard to make corrections to your interaction with your finances. Here are a few tools to help apply the truths above:

1) Budget= You have to make a plan- know where your money is going- and stick to it.

2) Classes= Financial Peace University is a terrific resource that will equip you with many tools to help align what you know with what you do.

3) Share you finances/ budget with a trusted, godly friend who will help you make corrections, encourage and support you in aligning your finances with what you believe.

4) If you are a generous giver who manages God’s money well, seek opportunities to help others.

None of these are easy, and some are down-right uncomfortable BUT each are extremely helpful to keep God’s view in view. I pray the value of Gods’ view is greater than the discomfort or difficulty that any one of these comes with. Remember in all you do, including your finances, God loved you so much that He made the ultimate, painful sacrifice for you. If He did that, and He is all knowing, completely wise, totally loving God, then we can trust His guidance with everything in our life, and joyfully, and confidently submit our finances to Him.

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1 comentário

Carol Loewen
Carol Loewen
10 de mar. de 2020

Drew, I appreciate this series on how we handle our money; and also appreciate that you've included tools to help people apply the truths you've discussed. Thanks!

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