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  • Drew Froese

My book is available SEPTEMBER 1st and I'd love your help...

I'm asking you for a small favor that will HUGELY help the book I've written reach more people...


FAITH FULL is a culmination of what I've seen as an answer to significant needs for Christians today. The book attempts to equip readers with how to fully live out their faith.

In it I walk through:

-How to read the Bible

-How to engage in spiritual disciplines

-How to mentor others

-How to share your faith

I truly believe this will be a tool that any Christian can use to both enhance their relationship with God and help others do the same.


1) On September 1st, would you go to the link below and purchase the book? (and encourage those you know to do the same). Amazon has an algorithm that values a lot of people purchasing the book in a small amount of time, so if you could help out in this way it would be awesome! By doing this you will help increase the book's search-ability, allowing others to discover this tool. If you miss the day, don't worry, any purchase is great... Also share your purchase on your social media if you'd like.

2) After you read the book would you go back to Amazon and leave a positive review?- Again, this increases the visibility of the book, getting it into the hands of more people. If you've got something negative, leave that review on a post-it note =). This will also help SEO ranking.

3) If you read it and are part of a church, and think it could help disciple others, could you recommend it to your pastor? I would love for more people to be equipped with the resources this book provides, and I know it can be a fantastic tool for discipleship training. If they have any questions they can contact me @ (I've created supplemental curriculum and videos as resources).

Thank you for your help!!!!

-Drew Froese

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